Master Forger and Assassin


A slender but toned elven man, sporting blonde locks atop his head. A row of 4 piercings in each ear, pearly white teeth to compliment his cunning smile. Gold eyes that seem to pierce the night. A scar across his throat he’s had since birth, most likely an attempt by his parents to get rid of their burden. Tattoos adorn his arms from shoulders to wrists and his entire back.


Alone. I’ve always been alone, I don’t know who my parents are. I was abandoned in the streets of Tianjin before I could realize what parents were. All I have is this scar across my throat, most likely an attempt to lighten their load but had second thoughts. Still ended up discarded so I guess it doesn’t matter now. Growing up on the streets isn’t easy, no one has time for a child who has nothing to offer. I knew I had to survive by any means necessary, I stole, assaulted, pickpocketed, I even let old nobles use me if it meant some coin or a bed for the night. Life has to come at me a lot harder if it wants to take me out.

At 40 or so, 10 in human years, I met my master. As I was “liberating” a heavy coin purse from some fat noble, he gripped my arm. Now to survive on the streets, you learn things. Remain unseen and don’t draw attention. That one was just broken by this guy. Also, no one can resist a kid that’s weak and comes off desperate. I welled up with tears, quivered, begged for mercy, explained I haven’t eaten in days. Mind you, I rescued a roast duck this morning that was so grateful he decided to stay for breakfast. The man, tall and lean, balding slightly and missing his left eye managed to not only catch me, but wasn’t fooled by my act. This pissed me off I’ve mastered these skills for years and they never failed until now. I dropped the act, and told him to let me go or I’d gut him where he stood. He noticed the murderous look in my eyes, he knew I meant business but wasn’t fazed at all. He released me and I began to take my leave, he stopped me with one question. “Do you want the skill to never be caught again?” The balls on this guy, to not only ruin my day at work but then gloat. I listened though, he was right, I needed to get better. He promised if I trained under him I could gain such power. I followed him to a hovel that served as his home. I learned weaponry, flora, fauna, combat tactics, disguise, poison…I came to realize he was a Ninja and training me as such. A man with the power to take what he wanted and strike down his enemies unseen, I dove headfirst into my training. While going over tomes, I found a manuscript of his sect, in it the final test of my skills, I would have to kill this man for my training to be complete. I felt somewhat conflicted but I knew what I had to do in order to be recognized as a graduate. I developed a poison that was odorless, and exposed myself to it in gradual doses until it became little more than an uncomfortable cough to me.

Years of training passed, aged the to the young age of 96 is when the day came he revealed the final test. “In order to become a full fledged ninja you must kill me as your final test, no matter how long it takes or the method you use. Your journey begins with my life’s end.”, he stated. “I’ve known this is the final test, Master. The test began years ago but the execution started this morning.” I pointed to the four small candles around the room. He began to cough, stance becoming shaky, “I wish it didn’t have to be like this. You are actually one of the few people in this world I don’t hate.” He laid down asking, “How?” “Those candles are a toxin I developed years ago. I exposed myself to them to build a resistance. They’re odorless, you won’t feel a thing…just drift to sleep.” He smiled, first I ever saw that, “Well done…” as he closed his eyes a final time. I stared at him a minute, I’ve always had the will to kill but never actually taken a life. Maybe that was the lesson, to know the weight of doing so or to rid yourself of a weakness due to the mentor/student relationship. I don’t know but he kept his promise, I gained strength to fight, and that’s all that matters. I extinguished the candles, and packed up any scrolls and useful items I could find. I locked the door and ignited the cabin, this home would be his pyre. I knew the weight of taking a life, it wasn’t as heavy as I thought. He was a good man, cremation was a good way to go. Now I move forward to my next target maybe I’ll see what treasure the Osirians have that needs rescuing…

Ra…Ra is an Ok guy, a little too musical for me, always humming, strumming. It gets to be a bit much but hell he’s alright so whatever. I met him while on a job, got myself arrested to get close to a target. Some warden, former military, used to torture secrets out of captives and kill them off. My employer said to make sure those secrets die with him. Easy enough, right? The guards were always watching, didn’t help he was paranoid either. Ra and i were cellmates, he planned an escape and asked if I wanted in. I told him sure but had some business to take care of before I could leave. We agreed to meet up afterward. He started a riot with some song he made up. I this as a distraction to slip into the warden’s office. It’s the most secure area and like a panic room when lockdown happens. Sure enough, he rushed in, barricaded the door and paced nervously. He sat in his desk chair, frantically sipping a drink. I lowered myself from the ceiling and snuck up behind him. I snapped his neck easy enough, took confirmation of my kill, grabbed mine and Ra’s gear from the safe. I liberated the gold he horded to himself and left. I met up with Ra at the guard room, the last step before freedom. I grabbed a poison bomb from my pack tossed it in and let it go to work. Dead within minutes, we cruised through, I grabbed the keys, and we walked out the front gate. See? Easy…


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