Rhaksha Al-Azrael

Cloistered Cleric of Pharasma



Rhaksha stands just over 6 foot tall. His thin face and gold eyes give him a deceptively gentle look, but the hard line of his mouth belies his true nature. His skin should be the dark olive tones of all Garundi, but for reasons unknown his skin is paler than healthy. His hair has also gone prematurely white, something which happens among his people. The over all effect of Rhaksha in his black robes is that of a leper or albino barely managing to lift his stack of books.


I was born a descendant of the first pharaohs. I was born First Heir of the powerful Alsotha Clans. I was born a prince among princes. I died a fool.

I remember my father’s estates in Sothis. I was raised there with all the constructive earthly pleasures a boy could want. I was instructed by the finest tutors, dressed in the finest silks, and taught in the finest hunting arts. I was the perfect son and heir. There was nothing I wanted for. Except for one simple thing. To go outsides of my father’s palace.

My father’s three wives gave him naught but daughters. His fourth my mother Nuatal Amara, finally gave him an heir. So precious he thought I was that he forbade all to take me from the grounds. Every year as I grew, the day of my birthday I would ask for only one thing. To go out among the people. Every year my father expanded my library, and even created hunting grounds within the palace itself so that I could hunt wild beasts as my cousins did, but never could I leave the estate.

It was the year of my eighteenth birthday, that my favorite cousin Gararth stole a bag of gold from the treasury and smuggled me from the compound in one of my father’s trading caravans. He took me to all the sights Sothis had to offer. We left the district of Aru-Da and drank our way to the Streets of Artisans. From there we danced furiously to the Rose Quarter and it was there we found The House of the Lotus Eaters. The first night I tried wine and Pesh. The second night I was given Qat and raspberries. The third night i smoked shiver and danced with demons. Upon the fourth night I experienced the pleasures of both men and women.

It was only three weeks later when the gold had run out that we left The House of the Lotus Eaters and traveled back to my father’s estate. I was welcome home in open arms. They had all been so worried, but my safe return was not to be treasured. It was three days later that fever took me to my bed. A week later and I was at death’s door. No cleric could stop the wracking coughs or stall my bloody tears. In the end, I died choking on my own vomit.

Three days and three nights passed. My body was carried from my fathers house to every temple in which he had influence. Cleric after cleric tried, and failed, to bring life back to my body. No spell or incantation stirred my soul. Nothing could bring life back to my corpse. Filled with sorrow, my father took my body to it’s final destination. The Necropolis at Wati. There a lavish funeral was prepared for my remains. A tomb was constructed of alabaster and ivory.

The funeral proceeded and my body was anointed with oils, cleaned, and presented to my mourners in full princely regalia.That is when the the clerics of Pharasma came. They stood in he back of the crowd hoods down robes swirling. No questions were answered, and no apologies were given. Instead they stood staring at my body until color returned to my face and blood once again coursed through my veins. I rose just as my father began berating the pharasmins. I stepped out of my sarcophagus and walked through the crowd with new eyes.

Unbeknowst to them i had seen wonders.


He who is Birthed In Sorrow came to me in the blackness of death. I remember his first words to me, “Oh child of decadence, you who have stolen and betrayed only for more earthly pleasure. You will become her instrument. You will show all that no wealth or power matches the majesty of the Lady of Graves.”

We flew through the Planes of existence. He showed me worlds of energy, of angels, of demons, he showed me the homes of Aeons. We traveled finally to the great Boneyard and for a moment I saw how all was interconnected. How all worlds, all people, and all things began and ended here. My mind opened, blossomed, and then I almost went mad with the revelations given to me.

The nosoi came for me then.


He guided me back through all I had seen and then to my body where whippoorwills chirped my arrival back to my body. It was that day I traveled to the Cathedral of Pharasma at Wati. I took the black robes of a cloistered brother and for eight years I have studied the divine mysteries of the universe.


For eight years my life has been study and contemplation on the mystery that is Pharasma. Today I must leave the solitude of my studies and venture out to fulfill my sacred duty. I must travel the tombs of Wati and learn from my ancestors. Their secret necromantic ways, must be undone, and Pharasma’s will must be held sacrosanct.

In a single hour I will join a new adventuring group, and they will become my allies for my journey. The High Cleric Basteth has said he will tell those searching the tombs all parties in the lottery receive guidance from the temple of Pharasma. Which is true, but not all receive a holy brother to accompany them. This he will let them assume, without lying exactly. May Pharasma guide the lottery, for it is the lottery itself which will choose my adventuring companions.

Rhaksha Al-Azrael

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